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ScanCube Photo Studio

The ScanCube photo studio is a state of the art light booth that, when paired with the EasyScanCube software, allows close control over the all lighting angles to ensure you get the right settings for your product. Our 24.2 Mega Pixel camera gives a great high resolution finish to your photo that will bring clarity & make your product stand out.
The product image is fed through to software so we can see on the screen how to adjust the lighting or the products position before taking the photo.

The ScanCube also gives us many other super features that come in helpful for new product launches, product ranges & for ecommerce users to speed up their process.

background removal - easyscancube

Automask - Automatic Background Removal

Automask technology automatically removes pixels around photographed products in order to obtain either a transparent background or a perfectly white background. The resulting image can be saved in PNG to be placed on a colored background or over a texture. 
Automask is a ScanCube patent, filed in 2010, which combines edge detection algorithms with an automated double image procedure. A more powerful version of the technology is now incorporated into EasyScanCube.

Ghost Imaging - Positioning

Do you need to photograph a series of products from the same angle? Do you need to find the position of an object photographed in a previous session?
With the ghosting function, object placement becomes extremely simple and accurate.
The method involves selecting a photo where a product is placed in the same position. The picture, called ghost image, appears in transparency over the preview of the object to be photographed.  To correctly position this object, we will easily be able move it as to have it coincide on the screen with the ghost image.

scancube shoe - ghost imaging

Additional Scancube Features

additional features scancube - SmartCopy


With SmartCopy, record multiple types of formats with one click. You will be able to set predefined parameters such as image size, format, resolution, name, destination folder.

additional features scancube - Watermark


Whether you want to protect your photos by adding a watermark or bring an additional level of information to your customers, the watermark function will allow you to do this with ease to all your still photos or animations.
The size, style and placement of the watermark are fully configurable.

additional features scancube - Framing

Instant Framing

Creating visuals usually requires, in particular for e-commerce sites, a specific set of proportions, 400 x 600 pixels for example. In conventional photography processes, the user takes the picture then reframes it in an image editing software. With ScanCube, framing to the right proportions is done from the start.

additional features scancube - top shot

Topshot: Vertical Shooting

With the Topshot, easily take top view shots of your products. This accessory is fixed above the lighting box and allows the user to position the camera over the backlit floor, vertically above the objects to be photographed.
This essentially turns our photo studio into a flat lighting table.

Scancube - FullSet - Canon


We offer free no-obligation trial shoot of your product to give you the peace of mind you will get high quality from us.
This is because we are so confident that you will be thrilled with the final result.
You can either pop in to the office and meet us face to face or you can mail us your product (unfortunately, you will need to provide return postage costs if you decide not to book a session with us).

Get in contact with us either by calling on 01823253077 or by following the email link below.

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